On 22 November 1963, the Board of Regents of the State of New York chartered the Rensselaer Newman Foundation as an educational corporation, defining its purposes as follows:

  • ­To establish and maintain non-degree course in theology, philosophy and related subjects
  • ­To foster and provide extracurricular programs for Catholic students attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • ­To foster and provide scholarships, fellowships and other student aids
  • ­To foster and develop the intellectual and moral life of Catholic students through religious education, cultural activity and social participation

The By-laws of the Rensselaer Newman Foundation expand the Foundation’s purposes to include: (Through the Chapel + Cultural Center,)

  • ­To provide a facility for religious services and celebrations of all faiths
  • ­To provide those cultural and spiritual opportunities which complement what is being done
  • ­To provide a meeting place for campus and community related groups
  • ­To offer limited counseling services

The inspiration for the Rensselaer Newman Foundation’s work lies in its motto “God is the Measure of All Things”. This simple statement directs all the efforts of the Foundation for RPI students and for the campus and community that nourishes and supports these students. The Foundation’s goal is to provide nurturing experiences for Rensselaer students, while at the same time providing a framework for students to explore, and even challenge, their beliefs. The Foundation continues to challenge us all to commit to integrated personal, professional and spiritual growth in service to God through service to the global human family.

There are many aspects to the work of the Rensselaer Newman Foundation—which supports the Chapel + Cultural Center, the RPI chaplaincies, and the University Parish of Christ, Sun of Justice—that touch us in many ways. They touch us with their energy in creating liturgy, programs and service in a facility that was and continues to be on the cutting edge of university religious and performing arts facilities. The Chapel and Cultural Center’s visual and performing arts initiatives have and continue to present exciting and challenging programs in the performing and visual arts.

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