Gathering together to give praise and thanks to God is foundational to the life of the Christian Community. Dedicated prayers have been integral to the Church’s communal celebrations from its earliest days. As part of these early celebrations, bread, wine and other gifts often were brought to be used in the Mass by those with specific petitions, both as a way of giving thanks and as a means of supporting the needs of the community.

Over the centuries, monetary donations came to replace these gifts, and the practice of directly associating gifts with “Intentioned Masses” for specific individuals or intentions became commonplace. As our contemporary culture becomes ever more hurried, requests for such Intentioned Masses have grown exponentially: the now standard “Mass Card” has become a quick and simple way of ensuring specific individual prayer needs are met. Unfortunately, the fundamental principle of collective, community support for all of the Church’s liturgical supplies and communal prayer needs is diluted by these practices.

Here at the University Parish of Christ Sun of Justice, the volume of requests for Intentioned Masses has become too large to fit within our Parish’s worship schedule, and simply cannot be accommodated in a timely fashion as required in justice and charity. Therefore, to be considerate of all those concerned, and in an effort to recapture the “bigger picture” in a deeper understanding of prayer, Eucharist, and our faith lives, we will be establishing a communal Memorial Fund to address the Parish’s collective prayer concerns that have traditionally been offered through specific Intentioned Masses.

On the first Sunday Mass of the month, we will list, honor and pray for all those enrolled in the Memorial Fund during the prior month. While we will not individually list all those previously enrolled in the Memorial Fund during earlier months, we will offer prayers for them as a group. There will be no more specific, individual Intentioned Masses.

The requested offering for enrolling an individual or intention in the Memorial Fund is $15. You may call, write or e-mail our Business Office to make such an enrollment. Upon receipt of your gift in the Business Office, a card will be issued to you or your designee(s) acknowledging your support. Should requests for a particular person or intention reach a cumulative level of $750, a permanent record of the individual or intention so honored will be made in a formal Memorial Book that will be kept in our Sanctuary.

Memorial Fund income will be used solely for liturgical goods and supplies directly associated with the Mass, thereby helping us reconnect to those ancient traditions of communal support for the church’s needs, and reaffirming the connection between the Eucharist and the eternal lives of those we honor with these Memorials